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My name is Annette. I am a freelance writer and Yoga teacher and I regard myself as particularly lucky. I cover topics for my readers that I am fascinated with myself: psychological research, the life of interesting people, intercultural experiences. On the Yoga mat, I share with my students the joy and benefits of this fascinating practice.
Since 2006, my primary base is Chicago, but I spend a couple of months every year in my native country Germany.

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Asking Questions

Do you ask enough? Asking the right questions helps to solve problems, make better decisions, and develop more meaningful relationships 
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Recent Interviews & Profiles

Interview with Professor Jean Twenge (San Diego State University) on IGen - Generation Smartphone 
Psychologie Heute 06/2018 
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Interview with Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett (Northeastern University, Boston) on the construction of emotions 
Psychologie Heute 03/2018 
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Profile Roy Baumeister (University of Queensland, Brisbane)
Psychologie Heute 04/2017
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Recent Article on

Why negative expecations about aging are so powerful and how we can reverse them
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CV or How I Got Here

Born in Saarbruecken and raised in Cologne (Germany); after high school graduation (Abitur) gap year with jobs in France and England; after returning to Germany, 2 year apprenticeship as a banker (WestLB, Düsseldorf)

Masters degree in Economics, University of Cologne; exchange semester at Trinity College, Dublin; first journalistic experiences as intern at Börsen-Zeitung 

Doctoral degree and research assistance at University of Cologne (Chair of Professor C.C. von Weizsäcker, dissertation on short termism at the German stock market)  

Additional studies in psychology at the Open University (UK) and Fernuniversität Hagen (Germany) - no degree yet, but I’m working on it 

Editor for Manager Magazin, Hamburg

Since 1998 freelance journalist and author; starting out as a business journalist (management and career topics), then expanding and shifting my focus to psychological research and biographical writing; since 2006 US-correspondent of Psychologie Heute

Yoga teacher training at Tejas Yoga, Chicago (graduation March 2016); since then teaching individuals and groups in Chicago